Download newest version: NPS_Browser_0.94

Latest changelog:

- Hotfix - removed Renascene scrapper (sorry renascene guys) Some image still can be cached. Delete nps.cache



- Compatibility Pack patches support
- Encoding tweaks - better regional support (thanks Dyrqrap)


- Compatibility Pack support


- Library viewer (not showing dlc's yet)
- Images are cached now


- Thanks to Cracker for below fixes
- Toggle download status of titles
- A better search that breaks the search string at a space character. It thus, will show all titles with the words/partial words. Also, it supports removing titles from a search based on terms prefixed with '-'. Ex: 3.61 -3.67
- Toggle between showing titles based on their downloaded status
- Purple highlighting of downloaded titles with new DLC
- Prefixes DLC with [DLC] where {titlename} tag is used
- Added {fwversion} tag for unpacking scripts
- Added Download All to get the title and all DLCs at once


- Game updates support
- Minor tsv tweaks


- History.dat moved to npsSettings.dat
- Windows registry is no longer used, settings moved to npsSettings.dat
- Probably better mono support
- Proxy support
- PSV themes support
- Saving region and type selection
- Open downloading folder button
- Changelog support for current and new version


- Cache support
- New auto-updater
- GUI tweaks


Source code: